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Available conference room Hotel Waldstein - Jan 3, 2012.
We have a reservation on a closeby hotel between january 4th to january 8th, but we need to find a meeting room available for rent during a couple of days. We wonder if there´s any smaller conference rooms available during that time, and prices for hiring them? We are seven people that needs some kind of smaller conference room for Thursday 5th and Friday 6th 09.00 am-17.00 pm both days, and Saturday 7th 09.00 am-12.00 pm.

If you don't have any conference room available for us, maybe you can recommend some other place we can contact?

Booking Enquiry Hotel Little Town - Nov 4, 2011.
We would like to use the offer of your hotel. We are planning to spend 4 nights in Prague from 10/11/2011 to 14/11/2011. Please let us know, if you have available rooms at this period and what is the final price?
We kindly please for information about:
- Breakfast - is it include in the price and when it is service?
- Can we make payment when we arrive to yours hotel?
- Do you have room for smokers or balcony?
- Is it possible that our rooms will be next to each others?
- By what time we can check in and check out?
- Can we make reservation for parking right now?

Booking Enquiry Hotel Royal Esprit - Oct 27, 2011.
We are going to be in Prague as part of our Honeymoon commencing the 27-Dec to the 30-Dec (3 nights) and wanted to check the availability and rates of Hotel Royal Esprit (it looks like a beautiful hotel). I have tried through your hotel website but unfortunately the webpage search won't load and I wanted to see what sort of special etc.. applied (if any to these dates). We arrive by plane about midday on the 27th and exit via train on the 30th Dec (3 nights).

reservation question Hotel Bijou de Prague - Oct 26, 2011.
Sorry for writting in English, but i'm brazilian and don't speak your language.
My husband and me will be at your hotel, with the reservation made by a brazilian travel agency for the period 18/11/2011, until 21/11/2011.

First of all, i want to know if is it all right with the reservation. I also would like to know if the hotel have transportation from Prague Airport.
I thank you for the informations,

confirmation of reservation Best Western Hotel Páv - Oct 24, 2011.
I would like to confirm our reservation made by Go voyages from 25 to 28 ocotber 2011.
We can't contact you by phone nobody answer so I would like you to confrim our reservation and ask you if we can have the room with big bed and the bathroom with bath? Thank you.
Could you confirm this reservation?

parking places at Hotel Klarov - Oct 19, 2011.
We have a reservation at your hotel from 19th october - 21st october. We will arrive there by car, thats why I am wondering if you have available parking places at your hotel? If it is possible we would like to reserve a free parking place during our stay. Please let me know if you have one and what are costs for 2 days?

mobile phone Hotel Ibis Karlin - Oct 17, 2011.
I'm from Germany. With reference to a telephone conversation, which I had with on of your collaborators - I forgot her name - , I have a request to you:
As you know, my daughter was booked at your hotel from September 26. 2011 until September 30. 2011. As she checked out, she forgot her mobilephone in the room No. 704.

A few weeks ago I request you to send the mobilephone to us. The problem is, that our creditcard is a company card, so we aren't allowed to use it for a private purpose. Therefor I like you to send your bank- and account number. Please also inform me about the costs for sending the mobilephone back to our address in germany. After that I am going to transfer the amount onto your account.

Sorry for any inconveniences. Your help will be highly appreciated.

Information for reservation Hotel to The Two Golden Keys - Oct 13, 2011.
we write to chek the availability for 5 night from the 31 Dicember 2011 to the 5Th Gennuary 2012 in a double room.
We wont to know the prices for room end breakfast and olso for half pension ( if the hotel make this service).
Is there a special offert for the S.Silvester dinner?

Which kind of payment do vyou accept? We have to pay all the ammout at the reservation oder can we pay at the arrival?

arrival after midnight Hotel Jalta - Oct 13, 2011.
I will come in Prague from november, 21th to november 27th. I will land to Prague Ruzyne airport at 23:50, so I will arrive to the hotel after midnight. Is this a problem for you?

apartment inquiry Old Time Apartments - Oct 13, 2011.
I'm looking for a single bedroom apartment for two people. We would like to stay from Dec 21st to Jan 4th 2012. Our requirements are: internet connection, private bathroom, no additional fees for early/late night check in during our stay, not too far from the center (preferably Mala Strana, Nove Mesto area). Please let me know if you have any apartments available and what is the total cost for 14 nights.

reservation information Hotel Marriott Prague - Oct 13, 2011.
I am a television engineer who works for a company based in the UK. We are interested in satellite TV in Czech Republic and are looking to stay somewhere in Prague which has satellite TV provided by CS LINK in ASTRA satellite. Do you have this type of television in your hotel?

New Year's Eve in Prague Residence Hotel Green Lobster - Oct 13, 2011.
Hello! We are a married couple and are coming to Prague and we wish to settle your hotel with the December 30, 2011 to January 5, 2012 But there is a problem, I am a Canadian citizen and my wife is a citizen of Ukraine and as this is a visa for her, we fly from Kiev. My Canadian tourist company without problems can reserve Executive Suite for us, they checked Executive Suite is available. But as visa to your Country make out in Kyiv, Therefore tour for us organizes Ukrainian tourist company. But it faced a problem that the tour operator from the Czech Republic does not confirm the Executive Suite in your hotel. Please help in this simple question).

Questions to my reservation Art Hotel Prague - Oct 7, 2011.
To whom it may concern,

thanks a lot for the confirmation of my reservation for next weekend.Additional I wanted to check,if the reservation/booking for parking (one car) worked out.You just asked for the name and adresse of one person;do you need the information of the other person as well?
I appreciate your help.

travel agent rate Hotel Golden Star - Oct 5, 2011.
Good evening,

I am a travel agent, I have to arrange a tour to Prague from 02/12/2011 to 05/12/2011 with about 30 participants.

I want to know the cost of the b / b and the h / b. Accommodation in triple and quadruple.

Thank you and good job

Overcharged at Residence Mala Strana - Oct 5, 2011.
Dear sir/madam i stayed at your hotel from Tuesday 27th September 2011 to Friday 30th September.
Unfortunately i have been charged twice for this stay and would like it sorted as soon as possible please as i am now overdrawn in my bank and getting charged for that.
For the stay i have been charged 133.17 and 140.00
Like i said can you please rectify as soon as possible especially as i a leaving the UK again Thursday.

info about parking Pension Platan - Oct 3, 2011.
I am planning to spend a weekend in Prague, and currently looking for a place to stay.
Unfortunately, the website of your hotel does not say anything about parking possibilities. I am planning to arrive by car, so I would like to know whether there's any place I can leave my car.
I would be very grateful if you could provide me with this info.

Urgent! Hotel Rokoko - Sep 29, 2011.
I have got a 9 person, they would like to spend 3 nights in Praga 03-06/12.
Do you have got free places (4 doubles+1 single)??
And how many would be with half-boarding???

They ask the following, please, send such offer, which is good for it,
Could you insure these?

- the rooms looks the square or street
- the hotel situated in Václavské námestí /Orloj or near of Orloj/ Václavské námestí on foot (a few minutes)
- breakfast smorgasbord
- big, spacious bathroom
- the bathroom do not look bedroom
- they ask half-boarding (what would be the menu?), if it is not possible, but the á la cart yes, they ask the menu card.

request of information Hotel Evropa - Sep 29, 2011.
We are a group of 13 italian students and 2 teachers and we would like to spend 5 days in Praga from 19 March 2012 to 23 March 2012. We saw your address on the web.

We would like to know if there is availibility for 2 quadruple room, 1 triple room and 1 double room, with treatment of half board.

We would also like to know if you can arrange the transfer from and to airport.

Thanky you for your kind attention and we look forward to an early reply.

Class trip in spring time Hotel Sonata - Sep 28, 2011.
On 10-15 of April, we would like to take part on a class trip. In the class there are 29 students, and 2 teacher would come with us. My question is that do you have free rooms for this period? If yes, how much does it cost for us? The price contains the dinner? If no, csan we order?

Floor barth is really goos for us. For the rooms, is not important, that what kind of rooms would we get. For the teachers we need 1 room, with 2 bed, I think. Maybe we will need parking place for the bus. The price? I don't know, bust I think if it would be 10 euro/per night it would be grateful, but of course I don't know your prices. I can understand if it's to cheap. Of course these things can change, because the date of the trip, is far. Now, I can say these things. Of course if we would choose your hotel, we can go through the things.
Does the price contain dinner? If not, how much does it cost?

Time of arrival Hotel Popelka - Sep 14, 2011.
We will arrive to the hotel for check in on Thursday 15 of September approximately 21.15-22.00 (our flight is due to land 20.15 and then we will take a taxi). We are looking forward to stay in your hotel.

Please Read regarding our booking for October 2-6 Hotel Raffaello - Sep 14, 2011.
We arrive on Sunday 2nd October, and Depart on Thursday 6th October.
We would like if possible a room at the back of the hotel with TWIN beds, i have been told it is a lot quieter than the Road side.
We will arrive at the hotel around 1900 - 2000, hours on Sunday 2nd October, our flight is an afternoon departure from Manchester England on airline - JET2. flight number LS887 arriving Prague at 1835 so please keep our room available.
Thank You.
We look forward to our stay with you next month.

inquiry room availability for 3 nights Hotel U tri Capu - Sep 5, 2011.
We would like to know please if you have availability and your best offer for a double room for 3 nights with arrival check in 07/09 check out 10/09 (3 nights) with breakfast.
Waiting for your kind feedback we send a Best regards.

Checking availability at Hotel Ibis Old Town - Sep 1, 2011.
I kindly ask your price and availability for 1 room with 2 beds, 1 king bed and 1 single bed for a total of 3 people, for the days of IN 21 OCTOBER 2011 AND OUT 24 OCTOBER 2011 with breakfast included.

Also please inform your booking conditions

Visit at the castle of Prague: Castel of Prague - Aug 16, 2011.
From the 28th to the 30th of september our school class from the Humboldt Gymnasium at Eichwalde, a village in the near of Berlin, what to travel to Prag.
In this city trip we would like to visit the castle of prag, and now I what to ask you whether we could visit this building in the given space of time below with round about 17 people.

Do you have rooms für us in September? Hotel Adalbert - Aug 11, 2011.
Perhaps it is better to write to you in English?
We are all together 12 persons (5 adults and 7 children in the age 11 - 17) and we are going to stay in Prag from 04.09.11 - 07.09.11. Do you have rooms for us (we prefere cheap family rooms) and do you have two or three parking places for our cars?
How much would we have to pay?
We are looking forward to your answer. Thank you very much!

Urgent booking for Hotel Colloseum - Aug 11, 2011.
We are an italian young couple who is going to visit Prague. We will leave this night and shall arrive to Prague tomorrow in the afternoon for a 4 nights stay (check out on Monday Aug 15th). Is there a double room available for these dates, with private bathroom? Please kindly send me an offer ASAP.
I've just seen on your website that you have a parking available and since we travel by motorcycle and we would like to park it in a secure place, I kindly ask you to include also this service in the offer you're going to send us.

Apartment in Prague on Wenceslas Square Capital Apartments Prague - Aug 11, 2011.
Hi, would prefer a double bed rather than 2 single beds, would like a stove in the kitchenette if possible. Prefer that the flat/apartment does not look over a busy street,
In anticipation, thanks,

Arrival information Hotel Monty - Aug 3, 2011.
I am a participant of the IEC conference organized by Prague university.
A single room was booked for me by the organizers for the length of the conference.

This is to let you know that I will arrive on Saturday, 6th August early afternoon. I want to make sure that the room is still available at that time (preferably a quiet room - away from elevators and stairs).

Request of transfer from airport to Hotel Tyl - July 29, 2011.
we are a travel agency from Italy.

Through Expedia we booked for our customers 7 nights in hotel Tyl.
Our customers ask us if is it possible have transfer from airport to hotel Tyl (and return) and if it is free of charge or not. If the answer is many cost it?

They arrive with a Wizz air flight:
18/08 W6 2698 VENICE PRAGUE 12.05 13.20
And they depart
25/08 W6 2697 PRAGUE VENICE 10.20 11.35

Problem finding the hotel: Hotel Branik - July 22, 2011.
Because of a discrepancy between your map reference and the address you provided it was impossible to reach the hotel.
Today I arrived at 4.30 from Budapest, and I tried to get to the address indicated on the eDream page, without success.
Due to this situation I had to rent a room near the area that I was initially interested in, which was near all the tourist attractions in the Stare Mesto.
I would like to ask you to help me communicate with the hotel Branik (as their phone number is not listed correctly either), and explain the situation that occured. Considering that I am informing you about the situation BEFORE the check-in time, I fully expect to have the room booking reversed without any additional cost!
I hope that in the future I will be able to rely on your exceptional services that you had provided me with, up until now.
Expecting the favourable solution of my request,

double room from 14th August to 17 th August: Hotel Salvator - July 21, 2011.
Good Evening.
have you a double room free with bathroom from 14th August to 17th August? How much does it cost this room with breakfast? have you a parking for cars in your hotel?
Thank you. Bye bye.

Informations needed: Hotel Downtown - July 21, 2011.
we need to know the prices for a room for two people.
We would like to know if the breackfast is included on the price.
We will arrive in Prague on the first afternoon of the 9 of August 2011, and we will leave in the morning of the 18 of August 2011.
Finally we would like to have some informations about the payment.
We are waiting for an answer as soon as possible.

Accommodation in Prague: Hotel Dalimil - July 19, 2011.
Dear Sir,

We are a family (5 people) wishing to travel in Prague from 23rd to 29th of August (6 nights). We are kindly asking you if you have the possibility to accommodate us in one double room and one triple room (both with their own bathrooms), including beakfast (or 5-people apartment). Please, make an offer and specify about:

- the distance from hotel to downtown;
- the car parking place;
- the room amenities.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you in this matter.

Request for offer-URGENT: Grand Hotel Bohemia - June 9, 2011.
Greetings from Zagreb!

Our program is hosting a study tour in Prague in period June 20-22, therefore, we need to accommodate 8-10 people from June 20-June 23, 3 nights (per person). We are looking for single, non-smoking rooms. Accommodation for all participants will be paid by our project. I would kindly ask you to send me an offer per room per night, so that we can make a decision about the reservation of accommodation.

Thank you very much!

Selecting a hotel: Hotel Braník - May 30, 2011.
We're now planning to visit Prague, and looking for a hotel and see your one which is interesting.
Just have some questions.
- We want to drive there, but we 're so worried about parking and car stolen. So, is it safe to park the car there?? and do we need to pay for parking?
- Is it difficult to get to the city?? What time is the final bus from city to hotel at night?

Women soccer team 10.-12.06. / 2 nights at Krásova apartmenthouse - May 25, 2011.
I am part of a private german women soccer team and we would like to spend the week-end from friday the 10th till sunday the 12th of June in Praha.

We will be in total around 16 persons, which are looking for little appartments with kitchen and bathroom.

On you hompage, I found out, that there's the possibility to get appartments or rooms for in total 16 persons?

Only important is, that in one of the appartments/ rooms is a kitchen and a bathroom, and the rooms should be one beside the other.

And is there also the possibility to have secured parking places for 2 or 3 cars ?

Could you tell me if you have still the rooms free for this weekend (2 nights) and which price you can offer.

Reservation at Aparthotel PurPur - May 23, 2011.
Me and my friend, we will spend 2 days in Prague, in the end of June (19th-20th).
So, we saw your hostel and we are interesting in make a reservation for one night.
The problem is that neither has a credit card.

In spite of this, can we make the reservation for the less expensive option that you have in the hostel?

Technical problem with the invoice at Ramada Grand Hotel Symphony - May 23, 2011.
I stayed in your hotel with my wife for 7 nights from 19/9/2010 until 26/9/2010 when I attended an international meeting in convention center.
I enjoyed my stay in your hotel but I have a tecnical problem with your invoice.
My University in Tel-Aviv is refusing to reimburse me because you did not specifically indicate the dates of room charges for 17/9, 19/9, and 25/9. Instead you mentioned in your invoice, room charges for three days all in the same day (26/9/2010).
All I need from you is simply to send to me a letter correcting this error and indicating that room charges for three days that shown all in day 26/9/2009 (the day I left) actually belong to days 17/9, 19/9, and 25/9.

I appreciate your help in this matter

Are you open? Villa Kozlovka - May 20, 2011.
I used to travel regularly to Prague and stay at Vila Kozlovka up to three times a year. So I over the years got to know the family running it.

I've been ill in recent years and unable to travel. Things are starting to improve and I was wondering about travelling later this year. I tried their web page and was surprised to find that the page didn't exist any more so decided to send a message to the email address I found on google.

I liked that pension because being at Device it was a simple bus ride 119? from the airport and easy connection to the tram and metro. As a family run place I always felt my possessions were safe when I was out.

I hope there is a similar pension in the area. Thank you for replying to me. I will save your details in case I can travel in a few months.

Time to say good-bye: Hotel Hilton Prague - May 12, 2011.
Dear Business Partners, Dear Friends, Dear Colleagues,

Today is my last day at Hilton Hotels Prague.

Life takes us on different pathways. Now it's my time to do so.

Thank you for such a great time together - because together we have:
worked, coordinated, laughed, visited clients, closed businesses and of course - represented Hilton Worldwide.

Keep in touch and most important: keep smiling!

Reservation for Hotel Liberty - May 12, 2011.
We want to make sure that our hotel reservation is okay; sat 21.5.- tue 24.5.2011?
We look forward to visit Prague, which we haven`t visited before. We have heard a lot of good things about the city!
We are celebraiting our 25 th wedding day- anniversery on 23.5. and we hope to have a lovely room with good views!

Thank you in advance! | Contact us

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