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The Prague Castle

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The castle was built in the 9th century instructed by lord Borivoj. The fortress above the Vltava River quickly became the centre of the empire of the family Premysl due to its perfect location. Three churches, a palace and a cloister were built within its walls. The castle was reconstructed several times. The major changes took place during the rule of Charles IV and Ladislaus Jagiello. The buildings burnt in the fire in 1541 were reconstructed in renaissance style. Later between 1753 and 1775 the whole castle came through a reconstruction. It was rebuilt in baroque and neo-classicist style. The three courts were also created during this period. The role of the castle has been the same for eleven centuries. It was the seat of the Czech rulers till 1918. Since 1918 it has been the seat of the presidents.

Despite the regular fires and invasions the churches, chapels and towers from various eras remained in the castle. The most significant sights are the followings:

St. George's Basilica: The basilica was built in Romanesque style between 915 and 921. It is regarded as the ancestor of the St. Vitus Cathedral. The cupola of the Chapel of St. Ludmila is decorated with paintings from the 16th century inside and with baroque frontage from the 17th century outside. Among others you can find the wooden coffin of lord Vratislav and the tomb of Boleslav II.

St. George's Cloister: The first Czech cloister, which was built in 973. Nowadays the National Gallery can be found here presenting the paintings of such significant painters as Bartholomeus Spranger: Resurrection of Jesus.

St. Vitus Cathedral: The huge build-up constructed in the 14th century provides a weird experience with its gargoyles. You can enjoy a magnificent view from its towers.

Gunpowder Tower: Sometime gunpowder was stored and also a bell foundry operated in the tower built in 1496. Today it is a museum.

Dalibor Tower: The tower was built in the 15th century by the order of Ladislaus Jagilleo. It operated as one of the prisons of the castle till 1781. The tower got its name after its first prisoner.

Royal Palace: The Czech lords had ruled in this palace from the 11th century. The palace consists 3 parts.

Lobkovic Palace: Most of the buildings was built in the A 17th century for the family Lobkovic. Nowadays the palace is the part of the National Museum.

The gallery of the Prague Castle: The gallery was fitted up in 1965. Some of the most valuable pieces of the collection are the treasures from the times when Rudolf II ruled and paintings from the 16-18th century. You can also visit the ruins of the first castle chapel (Maria Church), which was built in the 9th century by the order of the first christian Premysl.

Golden Lane: The Golden Lane was named after the goldsmiths who settled down in the city. You can feel yourself like Gulliver in sight of the small and colourful houses. It is worth visiting also the house Nr. 22 where the famous writer Franz Kafka lived. | Contact us


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