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What to pay attention to in Prague

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Taking a taxi on streets in city center or attractive places such as the airport or railway stations can result in payment of high amounts. It is advisable to call taxi phone services.

At metro stations mainly in the city center you may find groups of 6 or 7 well-dressed males of darker complexion, waiting for people to get into the car; they surround entering victims and try to steal from them almost with the use of violence. At well-known tram lines such as number 22 you may find traditional pickpockets using unawareness of tourists and stealing wallets left in their pockets or open bags. No violence involved.

Money exchange
You may be approached on the street by people /males/ offering you bargain exchange of money at rates higher than official rates. The money offered by these people are either fake or of other currency. You may find exchange offices offering high exchange rates with high hidden commissions. Usually you can not take the exchange back. One of the companies on which several articles about unsatisfied clients have been written is CHEQUEPOINT. Banks are recommended for money exchange. In case of exchange offices it is advisable to ask for the real amount of money received.

False ticket inspectors
Prague public transportation works with tickets for a certain period of time - From 15 minutes to a year. There are occasional inspectors checking the tickets. In case your ticket is expired or not marked at all you should pay a penalty. You may find illegal inspectors. In case you are sure your ticket is valid and you should not pay any penalty go with the inspector to the nearest police station.

There are restaurants in Prague with a low quality of services trying to overcharge. In some cases there is even nobody to complain to. It is recommended to go to places with good references (they even do not have to be expensive).

In Prague, it is not easy to communicate with the police in foreign languages. Many cases remain unresolved. Following the precautions listed above, avoid problems while staying in Prague and enjoy one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. | Contact us


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