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Tourist information, pictures, and hotels for Pilsen, Czech Republic

PilsenPilsen (Plzeň) is the fourth largest city in the Czech Republic. It has 170 000 inhabitants, and it is situated in the Pilzen basin on the confluence of four rivers - Mze, Radbuza, Uhlava and Uslava; the river resulting from the confluence is called Berounka. The city is an important industrial, cultural and business center.

Pilsen's history
Its predecessor was a former castle dated from the 10th century. In 1295, the city of Nova Pilzen was founded by Czech King Wenceslas II. on the confluence of the four rivers in the northern direction from the castle.  New Plzen's importance was growing rapidly and it became a commercial center and the third most important town after Prague and Kutna Hora in Bohemia. Today, Pilsen is famous mostly due to the products of Pilzen's brewery and the Skoda heavy machinery factories. The city is also known as the center of education. The famous University of West Bohemia and the Medical Faculty of the Charles University can be found here, but in the town, there are also a number of elementary and secondary schools.

Sights of Pilsen
The Brewery Museum
The city is world famous for the local brand of beer, Pilsner Urquell. The brewery offers guided tours and tastings, too. The wonderful Brewery Museum is one of the oldest of its kind in the world. It is only a miracle that the buildings which house the brewery museum and Na Parkanu pub have survived in their original form. The museum has preserved the burghers malt house, the well, the silo, the two-floor cellars and ice cellars, which date back to Renaissance times. Today's Na Parkanu pub stands on the site of the former municipal malt house founded in 1824. The entire complex is located at the end of Veleslavinova street, formerly Dlouha in close proximity to the city wall, a section, which is part of the museum.

Cathedral of St. Bartholomew
St. Bartholomew's Church is an outstanding building. It was built in 1292. The Cathedral has the tallest spire in the Czech Republic. It is 103 metres high. Several reconstructions were needed in the Cathedral from the 13th to 16th century. Inside, highlights include the Gothic vault, and the beautiful marble Madonna of 1390 on the main altar. It was built in Gothic style.

Pilsen Zoological and Botanical Garden
The 21 ha large garden is located near the centre of the city and has a varied landscape with small lakes, rocks, arboretum and parks. The Zoo has the second largest bear pit in Europe and a natural habitat for monkeys and large game. A greenhouse for succulents and a special informational path about the "Evolution of Nature in the Quaternary period" can be found in the botanical garden. Lizards living here are among the rarest animals of the world, particularly the Komodo dragons. These large lizards exist in only a few zoos. The Lochotin amphitheatre next to the Zoo is the largest natural amphitheatre in the Czech Republic.

Masné krámy (meat market)
It was moved from the square to its present location in 1392. Today it serves as the place of the Western Bohemian Gallery.

The Pilsen Great Synagogue
The Synagogue was built in the 19th century, and it is the third largest synagogue in the world. It is an excellent example of the Romantic Gothic style.

Pilsen has also a remarkable historical underground, which is a network of three-story cellars, and it was constructed in the Middle Ages.

Pilsen is also famous as the home of the engineering company Skoda. Its products can be found all over the world. You should definitely visit the popular Skoda Museum during your stay.

Distances to/from Pilsen
Pilsen - Prague: 91,8 km (about 1 hour)
Pilsen - Budapest: 616 km (about 6 hours)
Pilsen - Salzburg: 433 km (about 4 hours)
Pilsen - Wien: 434 km (about 5 hours)
Pilsen - Bratislava: 418 km (about 4 hours)

If you are looking for accommodation in Pilsen, take a look at the following recommended pensions and hotels:

1) Hotel Roudná*** family-run hotel with beautiful rooms, a 100 meters from the Roosevelt bridge.

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City/region features:

* St Bartholomew's Gothic Cathedral * Plague Column * Renaissance Town Hall * Archdeacon's House * Pilsen Parks * The Lochotin Park * Breweries * The brewery museum * Josef Kajetan Tyl Theatre * Museum of West Bohemia * Church of St. George * Franciscan Monastery and the Church of the Assumption of Virgin Mary * Great Synagogue * Old Synagogue and School * Zoological and Botanical Garden * Koterov

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