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Restaurants in Prague

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Restaurants in Prague

There are numerous options when it comes to the choice of where to eat and drink in Prague including restaurants (restaurace), cafes (kavárny), wine bars (vinárny) and beer bars (pivnice, hostinec or hospoda). The places devoted to beer offer simple Czech dishes and tend to be inexpensive, smoky, and male-dominated. Restaurants range from very affordable to expensive and a growing number of restaurants cater for the needs of people with delicate palates. The quality of customer service varies from excellent to indifferent.

In smaller restaurants and in pubs it is common to share a table with others. Always ask whether the spot is free (Je tu volno?) before sitting down. Do not assume that your bill will automatically arrive after the end of your meal. It is common practice to say (zaplatím, prosím) "I'd like to pay" to your waiter.

Menus are printed in German and English often with photos to show how the dish will look. Credit cards are now widely accepted.

Czech Restaurants in Prague

Le Lapin Bleu (The Blue Rabbit)
U Blaženky 1, Praha 5, Tel: +420 251 564 532, Fax: +420 251 563 529

Lví Dvůr (Lion's Court)
U Prašného mostu 6/51, Praha 1, Tel: +420 224 372 361, Fax: +420 257 320 571

Marie Teresie Czech
Na Příkopě 21, Praha 1, Tel: +420 224 226 345, Tel/Fax: +420 224 229 869

Pálffy Palác
Valdštejnská 14, Praha 1, Tel: +420 257 530 522

U Pavouka (By the Spider)
Celetná 17, Praha 1, Tel: +420 222 313 327, Fax: +420 224 811 436

International Cuisine Restaurants in Prague

Betlémský palác, Husova 5, Praha 1, Staré Město, Tel: +420 224 248 512, Fax: +420 224 248 513

Kampa Park
Na Kampě 8b, Praha 1, Malá Strana, Tel: +420 257 532 685, Fax: +420 257 533 223

U Třech modrých koulí (The Three Blue Balls)
Havelská 8, Praha 1, Staré Město, Tel: +420 224 238 130

Zahrada v Obležení
Legerova 75, Praha 1, Vinohrady, Tel: +420 224 239 685 | Contact us


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